Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 20

It was a exciting afternoon around here.  Paige finally lost her front tooth!  Normally that would be something to be happy about but today it wasn't.  

While rinsing out her mouth at the kitchen sink she fainted!  Yes... you read it right.  My 6 year old passed out!  Luckily I was right beside her and got her to the floor safely!  She came around and became nauseous and threw up.  Once recovered from that, she fainted AGAIN!  This time in my arms.  She came around again and spent the next 20 mins laying on our kitchen floor.  Her afternoon was spent on the couch resting.

After her recovery she was back to her normal self and excited about the loss of her tooth.  She spent the evening getting used to eating and talking with a missing tooth!  LOL

As a side note, I had my first experience with fainting at age 6 as well.  Nothing has ever came of my fainting spells and it's just something I have learned to live with.  It makes me a bit less worried in this case but of course there will be a call to our doctor tomorrow.  ;)

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